Fuga Community Integration

In the Kembatta Tembaro Zone, there are outcast artesian communities known by their derogatory name “Fuga”; these communities are similar to discriminated “untouchables” in India. With support of project funds from USAID, KMG Ethiopia is trying to improve the social status and economic conditions of these communities through the tested tools of community conversation and social mobilization. KMG has been working with both “Fuga” and “non Fuga” communities to find the basic reasons for discrimination and exclusion. Based on this intervention, life among both communities has improved; even the derogatory name of “Fuga” has changed into “Golden Hands”. Since October 2014, KMG called a Harmonization Conference to strengthen the good works done in social interactions and participations in weddings, funerals, and day to day interactions like eating and sitting together. A total of 152 participants attended and both communities participated equally in the conference. Government stakeholders have also promised to resolve the issues of discrimination regarding land ownership and sharing of resources.

KMG’s work to have these outcast artisans fully integrated into society and respected for their skills, (hence “Golden Hands”) is a huge accomplishment.

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