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Knowledge as a Change Project Funded by Aktion Regen – The Rain Workers

The three main objectives of the Knowledge as a Change Project were to improve the utilization of Family Planning (FP) practices, to reduce harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and to enhance awareness of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), in two districts of the Kambatta Tombaro Zone. In terms of funding, since 2011, KMG Ethiopia received 3,101,837 birr from Aktion Regan from Austria: The main results in each of these three areas are summarized below:

Based on our field monitoring and periodic reports, there are indicators that the community conversation participants are becoming more knowledgeable of the benefits of family planning practices and are changing their views of large family sizes. We see more and more participants using modern FP methods for child spacing and limiting family sizes.

We observed increased awareness among participants about the harmful impact of FGM/C. This was due to their increased access to accurate information about risks of FGM/C, and their understanding that the practice is harmful and actually illegal. Also, we observed a positive shift in attitudes toward marriage of uncut girls, with a higher percentage of boys and men expressing willingness to marry uncircumcised girls. Likewise, girls and women expressed heightened expectations for their sons to marry uncircumcised girls. However, a persistent minority still believes that circumcised girls are respected in the community, underscoring the need for continued awareness efforts.

With respect to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) issues, we observed a very positive shift in attitudes among young people. We attribute this positive shift to increased participation by young people in reproductive health clubs and activities, and school youth dialogue sessions, thereby reducing the impacts of social and cultural norms as barriers to seeking information and services. These positive results offer valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of young people’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes, emphasizing the importance of addressing gender disparities and promoting positive behavioral changes in the context of life skills and reproductive health.

While acknowledging positive shifts in awareness, attitudes, and practices related to Family planning, FGM/C , and Gender based violence,  we do emphasize that challenges still persist, indicating a long-term need for targeted interventions and awareness campaigns to further eradicate FGM/C and promote gender equality and human rights.


KMG has 18 Rain Workers who are trained and working voluntarily in raising awareness on Family Planning as shown below:


  1. Meaza Mesikelu
  1. Elisabet Yohenis



  1. Group Photos : Rain Workers