“Ethiopian Social Accountability Program

Ethiopian Social Accountability Program

Although it is clearly stated in the Ethiopian Constitution, the practice of accountability and transparency of the government to its people is uncommon. To counteract this issue, the World Bank initiated a multi trust fund program known as the “Ethiopian Social Accountability Program”, which obliges the Ethiopian government to be accountable for all services delivery. In 2013, KMG Ethiopia began implementing the program in three districts of the Kembatta Tembarro Zone in the sectors of Education and Health. For the first time in Ethiopian history, citizens came face to face with government officials in meetings and challenged the government on the quality of service it provides. KMG was so successful in their implementation of the project, that out of 47 organizations involved in the World Bank program, KMG was selected to present its best practices of social accountability at Limerick University of Ireland in Dublin in April 2014. The presentation was met with great acclaim; now, the Irish government is sharing KMG’s practices to its partners in other African countries.

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